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SEO Strategy Start Smart

SEO Strategy; Start Smart in 2014

Recent changes in the way we advertise have led business owners & big companies to take a hard look at the World Wide Web in a different way. While in the past most business owner might try flayers, Local newspapers & radio the current situation is that all those tools are far less efficient from an advertiser point of view and reach fewer people then a well constructed, smartly advertised website could.

Even so… must business owners leave the craft of building an online campaign to the “experts” rather than building their own strategy? That tactic while saving you some time is the wrong way and would probably lead to a waste of resources and time which is the real resource we never have enough of.
This guide would offer a fresh view on online marketing. Please take part and offer your opinion / tips so we may all learn from your perspective.

Building a Web Marketing Plan

Just before we dive into the techno talk lets highlight the major parts of our web-marketing plan.
• Media Type
• Online Branding
• Target Audience
• Advertising Channels
• Advertising Budget

Media Type

Which media do we possess do we have videos, Images, Banners, PDF’s, Slide show and similar media ready to be used in our online campaign. If you answered the recent questions with no you should take a moment to create some logos and banner in different sizes, think about creating some videos and maybe even some reviews videos. Try to get creative – that is what would separate your from the competition in the end.

Online Branding

Modern web campaigns are brand targeted. This became even clearer in the latest Google update (or should i say updates). According to Digital Green Tea, a Santa Monica SEO firm, building your brand is the best way to take your website and change its positions in the search results. Building your brand while getting quality links is a sure way to climb up the search results and enjoy traffic and clientele.

This includes social marketing, niche directories, business collaboration, and any other creative idea that can turn your website into an active participant in your business field / area of expertise.

Target Audience

Building links and creating a smart web campaign is great but where are you spending your time the first step is to define your target audience and try to appear where they search for your services, or recommendations about a service provider, forums, chats, blogs and more. Having your brand appear in all those places could help your brand building campaign and help you get a constant dribble of great traffic to your website.

Advertising Channels; Advertising Budget

When a business owner wants to grow it builds a business plan. The same is true for an online web marketing campaign… Creating a well crafted 10 step plan can save you a lot of money and make the difference between failure and success. So i would recommend you take the time to do “the homework” needed and follow that plan.