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Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO – What is it? How to avoid it?

Ever since the search engines started ranking web pages for keyword / keyphrase queries, Internet marketers figured out ways to manipulate them. When SEO first became recognized as a legitimate form of marketing, there was no differentiation between White Hat (ethical) and Black Hat (unethical) techniques. So, early on in SEO, most search engine optimization systems were BlackHat.

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, things started to change in the ranking world because users were becoming fed up with finding pages that were not relevant to their searches. Rather than become useless and eventually obsolete, search engines had to become more intelligent. Hence, algorithms were developed to detect and penalize cheaters and search engine optimizers were then classified into three groups: WhiteHats, Black Hats and GreyHats (greyhats are the less obvious, trendy and almost acceptable search engine manipulators).

Hidden Content – Text, Links, Images

Sometimes optimizers want the search engines to find keyword rich content that they hide from the visitors. This can be achieved in several ways such as: matching the text color to the background, using super-tiny font sizes that are barely visible or by positioning an image over the text. In Black Hat SEO, hidden links come in various forms but usually are hyperlinks created using single letters or characters such as the period but can include header and footer links that are essentially useless or redundant. Images can be used to supply additional content to the search engines and this becomes a black hat SEO technique when tiny or pointless logically named graphics with well-optimized alt attributes are inserted on web pages for the sole intent of feeding content to the search engine. If this doesn’t make much sense try ethical SEO Video.

Mirror Web Sites and Doorway Pages (Cookie Cutter Pages)

Black Hat optimization often entails the deployment of duplicate content. One way is to reproduce a web site across several domains in hopes of either increasing cross-linking or attaining higher ranking on a more search engine friendly URL.

Doorway pages are multiple landing pages whereas each is more optimized for specific sets of keyphrases. A common black hat approach is to pretend that a service is offered in various communities or countries thus requiring new landing pages geared more directly to soecific markets. For example, you’ll often you’ll find web sites with similarly coded web pages for, let’s say, Toronto SEO, Montreal Search Engine Optimization, Calgary SEO and Vancouver Search Engine Marketing … These web pages are basically identical except the cities names are replaced and perhaps their is slight variations in the actual content but their intent is for cheating, their trickery is in the effort not to trigger duplicate content filters or link farm sensors. Doorway pages can either be orphaned files (no links to them) or are often listed in the landing page footer links.

Article Spinning, Splogs, Automating and Regenerating Content

These black hat SEO methods are usually quite humorous as they are obviously not created for the end user but are formulated explicitly for the search engine. They often seem intelligent and unique but unfortunately are nothing more than a weak search engine optimizer’s plagiarisms.

Various Keyword / Keyphrase Ranking Illusions

Lately, an effective Black Hat technique is to pretend that a key phrase ranks highly. The illusion that a web page is highly ranked can be created in several ways: exploiting web history features, using paid ads that appear to be organic, using regional search results instead global or accurate ones.

Cloaking and Redirecting Tricks

Whenever a webmaster intentionally offers the search engine content different than delivered to the visitor, this becomes a black hat SEO technique. Usually these types of cheats are driven by server side scripting and can be difficult for the search engine to detect.

Link Building Schemes

I can write for hours and hours about link building schemes but essentially, link building is Black Hat SEO whenever links are acquired unnaturally and not based on the web page’s own merit. Link building strategies such as: swapping links, useless article submission, blog comment spamming, forum signature spam. Dumpster directory submissions etc. often fall into Grey Hat SEO when applied lightly. Most BlackHats like to focus on manipulating the off-site ranking influences (link scheming).

Keyword and Keyphrase Stuffing Techniques

This is a pitiful but still visible SEO system whereas words are stuffed into sentences and paragraph as inconspicuously as possible; in hopes of impressing the search engine.



Local Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Local Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Local internet marketing is the search engines gift for small business owners. Now you have ability to compete at the local level for your customers. There are absolutely no more excuses as to why you cannot achieve local marketing success. This article is made to deliver the truth about local internet marketing and the dramatic significance it has for your small business marketing strategies.

Now that Google and Bing are both giving extremely high preference to local businesses and their local search terms, it is vital for small business owners to integrate local search optimization into their websites and get in-front of their customers that are searching for their local products and services. Read More

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is one of the biggest and most successful social networking sites on the internet today. But as well as a fun way to connect with friends and family, many individuals, businesses, groups and organizations have realized that they can get their message out in to a wide but targeted audience by using Twitter as a marketing tool. Whether they are marketing a product, person, brand, event, organization, or company, they gain from Twitter marketing. Here are my Top 10 Good Reasons for using Twitter as a Marketing Tool.

1. It is free. There are no start up costs, rental costs, or maintenance costs. Of course, using Twitter as a Marketing tool will use up some of your time, especially when you are getting it going, but once set up, Twitter marketing can require only short bursts of work (10 or fifteen minutes per day) to keep everything flowing smoothly.

2. Twitter marketing is versatile, you can use it to promote a product, blog, website, person, event, group… pretty much anything really, although it generally works best if you stick to one niche, person, product, subject or thing for each Twitter account.

3. Twitter accounts are easy to set up and maintain, so you can have multiple accounts to reflect different blogs, businesses and websites etc. For instance, if you have more than one blog or business, you can run a Twitter account for each blog or business that you have. That way you can keep both your Twitter marketing focused and your Twitter followers effectively targeted.

4. Twitter is fashionable with a huge following from young people especially. By using Twitter as a marketing tool you can reach lots of groups, such as young people, who might be difficult or expensive to reach by more traditional marketing methods. Twitter marketing also shows that your company, or organization is up to date and has a modern outlook when it comes to marketing methods and approach.

5. By using Twitter as a marketing tool, you can also forge and keep direct contacts with your customers and readers, providing you with precious feedback that can help you identify areas where you are lacking and help to define where you might want to take yourself or your organization in the future. Customers might suggest new products that you might want to stock, for instance, or topics that you might want to cover, if you are a blog or a news site.

6. With such a limited amount of characters available for use in a tweet, the idea of using Twitter as a marketing tool can appear to be crazy to someone not used to tweeting. But in terms of Twitter marketing, the tweet itself is usually just a way of enticing people to click on a link and the beauty of Twitter is that you link to just about anything. Though usually you are going to take them to website which is promoting something that you want to market.

7. Twitter is great for networking too. If you are a marketing a blog, then you can meet people who will feature the blog in an online magazine. If you are marketing a product, then you may meet retailers who want to sell your product, or buy your product in bulk. If you are a musician, then marketing yourself on Twitter can lead to you forging contacts with record labels and agents who can arrange gigs for you.

8. Twitter is great for integrating with other social networking sites and also your own websites. It is easy to integrate with Facebook, for example, so that you can synchronize both accounts and post to both sites at the same time, which will save yourself time and potentially, money. The Twitter follow button can be added to your websites, if visitors to your website click on the button (and many will do!), it means that you will be able to keep contact with them and inform them of any updates, new products etc. that you bring out.

9. There are free programs available that allow you to automate many of the processes involved in Twitter marketing. For instance, if you go away, you can set software to automatically tweet your products for you while you are gone.

10. Twitter marketing can form an integral part of a wider and integrated marketing strategy. You can use it to promote a competition, for example, which is in turn part of a launch for a new brand or product. Twitter can give your brand character and body and make it real to the people that you are promoting to. Sign up on twitter now

SEO Internet Marketing

SEO Internet Marketing that Help Small Businesses

Building an attractive possibly beautiful is the purpose of most website manufacturers. In the process, sometimes the effectiveness of the website is declined. We need to keep in mind that your goal is not only to get a beautiful website that can make people want to be and look around and revel in, but also a website that is to be helpful to the machines in determining what exactly our website is concerning or what it is based on.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO Internet Marketing is arguably the most necessary way to drive site visitors to your website because it causes improved search engine place. Optimizing the benefits of some sort of well-designed web site will result in considerably more traffic coming to your website thereby generating profits for the company building the website. With this actuality in mind however, improving your website might cost thousands of dollars if you are definitely not skilled in this area. Beneficial search engine optimization that leads to help improved search engine place will, on the other hand, provide a much higher returning on the investment connected with either time or maybe money you put engrossed.

My goal in this article is usually to give you the basics connected with search engine optimization so that you can fully grasp it and add it to help you obtain your task. This will help to improve your relevancy and search engines search rankings for the best results doable through proven search engine ranking techniques.

What are the important mistakes in pattern of Internet Marketing

First is important to remember that search engines are products and read words they just don’t see images or maybe pictures. The most common problems form a search engine marketing standpoint is:

  • Making an internet site totally in Adobe flash(TM)
  • Images without alt tag words
  • Minimal or nonexistent meta title or maybe title tag
  • Ability to develop a SEO strategy
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Capability to create sales pages and keyword rich content pages for websites

SEO Internet Marketing that Help Small Businesses

Adobe flash(TM) to the search engines is a an image it is undetectable although the Flash(TM) may perhaps capture the interest of the viewer it certainly can’t help the search engine to know what your website is about. While text display as an element of the Flash(TM) the rich in key terms and information will probably be lost completely towards search engines and you will head out unnoticed. Flash(TM) and photographs can be used to enhance an internet site but the site needs to have text in order to assemble relevance for the yahoo and google.

In the same good sense images are also undetectable; however we can include things like alt tags that can give the search engines a solid idea of what the viewer will discover. In fact the alt tags can be very helpful since the search engines will probably place a little more increased exposure of the text in alt tags. Don’t overload using keyword phrases from the alt tags although use some to help where by appropriate.

The identify tag as well examine later is an important destination to tell the search engines what exactly your webpage is dependent on.

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