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Keyword Research 5 Mistakes to Avoid

keyword research

keyword research

5 Mistakes when you are doing Keyword Research

Before starting any SEO strategy, you must first perform keyword  research.  What phrases or words do you want to rank for?

Unfortunately, many people (including many SEO companies!) often go astray during this step and sabotage the entire campaign.  However, efficient keyword research almost always brings excellent results.

So what are the most common mistakes made during this process?  Let’s take a look.

Performance Problems

Keyword research is not child’s play.  In fact, it can be a strenuous and time-consuming task.  The result?  Many people just guess what the best key-phrases are or half-heartedly grab the first few that look promising.

You will need to attempt to comprehend who the audience is and the language they use. When finished, you should have an exhaustive list of keywords that you would love to rank for.

Shooting For the Stars

You have to be realistic.

Some niches are much more competitive than others.  If you are a newcomer or a novice, ranking for a popular niche is going to be very difficult.  Before aiming for the “head” keywords, give long-tail optimization a try.

Long-tail keywords are longer (usually 3 words or more) and much easier to rank for.

If you started a website about dog training, it will be nearly impossible to rank for the key-phrase “dog-training” for a long, long time.  However, if you target a long-tail keyword such as “dog-training for dachshund owners”, your odds will greatly increase.

Being Single

Normally, you will want to optimize each page or post around one keyword from your research.  It is a common misconception that you should try to rank for several keywords at a time.  You can use variations of the main keyword, but remember to focus on one at a time!

The Ugly Cousins

Why would you try to rank for words your customers will never use?  Utilize the audience’s language from your research.  Ranking for irrelevant terms may boost your SEO ego, but it is worthless when it comes to conversion.  Laser focus your keywords to your clientele.

The Evaluation

Don’t forget to follow the progress of your keywords.  Check them at least once a week to ascertain if you are being successful with your researched keywords.  You can use paid software or services found on the net or you can simple type the phrase into Google and check the results.  Either way, it is of the upmost importance as without evaluation, you will have no idea if it is time to focus on more competitive keywords.

Remember keyword research takes a great deal of time.  It is vital that you don’t take shortcuts in your quest for the terms you want to rank for.  Follow this guide and you will be on your way!


SEO Strategy Start Smart

SEO Strategy; Start Smart in 2014

Recent changes in the way we advertise have led business owners & big companies to take a hard look at the World Wide Web in a different way. While in the past most business owner might try flayers, Local newspapers & radio the current situation is that all those tools are far less efficient from an advertiser point of view and reach fewer people then a well constructed, smartly advertised website could.

Even so… must business owners leave the craft of building an online campaign to the “experts” rather than building their own strategy? That tactic while saving you some time is the wrong way and would probably lead to a waste of resources and time which is the real resource we never have enough of.
This guide would offer a fresh view on online marketing. Please take part and offer your opinion / tips so we may all learn from your perspective.

Building a Web Marketing Plan

Just before we dive into the techno talk lets highlight the major parts of our web-marketing plan.
• Media Type
• Online Branding
• Target Audience
• Advertising Channels
• Advertising Budget

Media Type

Which media do we possess do we have videos, Images, Banners, PDF’s, Slide show and similar media ready to be used in our online campaign. If you answered the recent questions with no you should take a moment to create some logos and banner in different sizes, think about creating some videos and maybe even some reviews videos. Try to get creative – that is what would separate your from the competition in the end.

Online Branding

Modern web campaigns are brand targeted. This became even clearer in the latest Google update (or should i say updates). According to Digital Green Tea, a Santa Monica SEO firm, building your brand is the best way to take your website and change its positions in the search results. Building your brand while getting quality links is a sure way to climb up the search results and enjoy traffic and clientele.

This includes social marketing, niche directories, business collaboration, and any other creative idea that can turn your website into an active participant in your business field / area of expertise.

Target Audience

Building links and creating a smart web campaign is great but where are you spending your time the first step is to define your target audience and try to appear where they search for your services, or recommendations about a service provider, forums, chats, blogs and more. Having your brand appear in all those places could help your brand building campaign and help you get a constant dribble of great traffic to your website.

Advertising Channels; Advertising Budget

When a business owner wants to grow it builds a business plan. The same is true for an online web marketing campaign… Creating a well crafted 10 step plan can save you a lot of money and make the difference between failure and success. So i would recommend you take the time to do “the homework” needed and follow that plan.



SEO Service in Orlando Florida

SEO Service in Orlando Florida

Here at OrlandoSEOGuy.Com you are served with the highest and best performing SEO service in Orlando Florida. Our main mission statement is to provide a service which is unmatchable and ideal for businesses to grow and expand their online presence.

In our methodology lies an underlying plan of monitoring any changes or modifications made by search engines and ensures we are staying on top of these while developing our knowledge base in order to ensure that we bring our clients to the top of the search engine results as efficiently as possible. We day by day are implementing new strategies and testing new ideas to adequately deal with the changes made by search engines.

SEO services in Orlando Florida are frequently selling falsely advertised promising of top rankings in 30 days or less which is not what the whole essence of what SEO is. Google and many search engines are continually developing their algorithms and one vital factor they include in natural link building. If your site is reaching these top spots in 30 days, then I assure you neither me nor Google and its algorithm will think it is natural too and eventually it will get punished. You may see short term gains, but as a wise man once said: “don’t be mesmerized by the short-term riches when you can sustain the long-term rewards”. This cannot be truer for SEO and that is why we work on a monthly basis of improving our clients SEO plan and implement the natural link building strategies that Google and the other main search engines encourage and reward.

One thing OrlandoSEOGuy.Com takes very seriously is promises. We evaluate our customer’s site and plans before ever taking on a project and thus only take on clients if we know for a fact that it will be profitable and successful for both parties involved. It is something we pride ourselves on and therefore if we are taking on your site then that only means one thing, we will achieve your goals and go beyond them!

You may be thinking that we are just like another Orlando SEO companies, but are truly not. Our chief SEO consultant Fred Franks has been an expert in the field for over 15 years and has had various plaudits from other experts in the industry. We make statements, but more importantly we keep them. Which leads us on to the most important factor, our goal isn’t really to get you to the top of the rankings, it is to KEEP you there as this is where the money lies so to speak.

If you are a company or business based in Orlando, Florida, or actually anywhere else we can help you reach your on line goals in reaching a larger spectrum of visitors. We want you to have the best SEO service, so it is a must that you contact us now to help us help you!

Orlando Search Engine Optimization Service

Orlando Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the most important methods of enhancing your online business. It is the most widely used technique for getting higher ranks in big search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Orlando Search Engine Optimization deliver best quality SEO work that helps your online business to grow rapidly. There are various Orlando SEO Service available in the city. You can hire any of them according to your need. Although most of these SEO services work well, but there are certain questions that people want to ask for complete satisfaction. Here, are some of them:

Why do you need Orlando Search Engine Optimization?

This is one of the most important things to understand why you need a SEO service. You have your business, and you know very well how to run it, but when you are dealing with online marketing, the process becomes a lot harder. It is not like traditional marketing. Online business also has fierce competition. Everyone wants to get to the top. If you do not know how to spread your business on the internet, your competitors will definitely overtake you. This is probably the most important reasons for getting help of professional online marketers that are capable of doing SEO.

Are Orlando Search Engine Optimization reliable?

This is also an important question because you are handing over your marketing strategies to someone else. Orlando Search Engine Optimization are completely reliable. They are working in this business for a very long time. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the reliability. They are handling businesses of top companies. So, you can surely let them do their work without any worry about your business. You can easily hand over your business and marketing to the SEO service and get the best out of it.

How to find the best SEO services?

SEO services are easily available these days. You can find lots of SEO services in your city. However, you should always try to find the best SEO services available in your city. There are many ways of finding best Orlando Internet Marketing . An easy and fast method of finding best SEO services is to search the internet. You can simply search for best SEO services in your city on any of the search engines. Certain websites provide a complete data of different SEO services with respective ratings. You can find such ratings on different websites too, and confirm their authenticity. You can also find reviews about different SEO services that are extremely helpful in this regard.

How much do Orlando Internet Marketing cost?

The cost of SEO services is not constant. You may find lots of variations in the price list. However, there are some constant rates available per service. For getting information about SEO service cost, you can find the SEO Company you want to hire, and check its website. Some packages are monthly, while others are half-yearly or yearly. The price list is usually displayed on the official website. It could start as low as $399 and go up to $1899 too. Alternatively, you can also call them for inquiring about the cost. It is also important you consider your budget while hiring SEO service. You can surely find Orlando Search Engine Optimization that fits in your budget.

Call the Today at 1-800-781-1130 read more about Search Engine Optimization

About Search Engine Optimization

About Search Engine Optimization Overview

OrlandoSEOGuy covers all the prime website optimization topics along with seo strategies. We aim to provide useful website optimization articles, resources and optimization tools to help you maximize the potential of any website. Search engine optimization covers a vast expanse of the internet, there is said to be well over 1,000 terabytes of data floating around the web right now. It’s easy to see how you could get lost in such a mass of information but since the invention of search engines you can now find specific information with a click of a mouse. The vast majority of people use search engines to perform even the simplest of searches, search engines tap into the information highway with accuracy that couldn’t be done in any other way and they archive billions of pages to provide users with the targeted content they want. If you haven’t yet grasped the importance search engines have to the success of every website on the net then you shouldn’t stop reading our website optimization articles.

Research the Search Engine Optimization Algorithms

Many people rely on their websites as a sole means of income, it isn’t unfeasible to rely on a website or network of websites for income but search engines play a vital part for sustaining it. Once you understand how important search engines are to your website you will understand the benefits that can be reaped from them. After all, the alternative to poor rankings means paying for your traffic and that will be cutting down any potential revenue you could be making. You can rank high for every keyword imaginable if only you know how to produce what the search engines want – quality content. Almost all websites that rank well for prime keywords, for searches you do regularly have been mounded in every single way to match the search engine algorithms.

Search Engine Optimize the Website to Your Keywords

Do not be put off by the idea of competition, it’s true that for major keywords it’s extremely hard to get good rankings but very few people have the resources to handle that scale even if they could. There is a large spectrum of reasons why people set up websites, one example would be someone who sets up a website through enthusiasm of a particular subject, these people benefit the most from search engine optimization as they give the most relevant information and products on the subject, unfortunately these niche markets usually have limited appeal and target unusual keywords. Every website only has the potential of it’s webmaster but with learning seo you can take information to the people that want it most.

Find out more information about Search Engine Optimization, contact us today!